Process Improvement explores one or more areas of a program or organization to identify opportunities for enhancement.  Appreciative inquiry and in-depth analysis assures that individuals with diverse interests are heard and have ownership in final recommendations. An emphasis on continuous improvement ensures ongoing development in the long-term.

Policy Analysis draws upon various tools to identify the impacts of existing or potential policy. Using a combination of surveys, interviews, focus groups, fiscal data, program records and/or documented best practices assures that stakeholders have the information necessary to make well informed decisions.


Evaluation is necessary to assure programs remain adaptive and successful, even in the face of change. With a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, evaluation can not only be used to assess long-standing programs, but can also be helpful in developing new strategies or innovative pilots.

Writing and Editing Services can make all the difference when presenting strategies for program improvement or recommendations for policy change. Whether starting from scratch or polishing existing work, a quality document assures that your ideas are clear, and that your work produces meaningful results.












Strategic Planning is a powerful tool for groups wishing to advance programs or organizations as a whole. Various methods, including outcome based planning, can be particularly useful in bringing people with diverse interests together to meet common goals.  Strategic planning can also help assure the success of organizations undergoing significant change.

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(c) Verve Associates LLC, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.